Euro Parliament makes ‘trilogue’ agreement on EU audiovisual landscape

12.07.2018, TBI Vision. The European Parliament’s culture and education committee has approved a ‘trilogue’ political agreement on revision of the EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive. The committee’s endorsement of the proposals opens the way for a plenary vote in the parliament later this year.

European parliamentary negotiators led by MEP Sabine Verheyen and the Bulgarian presidency of the European Council agreed on a revision of the directive based on the EC’s proposals in June, and the committee’s vote endorses that agreement.

Supporters of the revised directive say that it will create a level playing field by applyingrules to internet media services that were previously only applicable to traditional broadcasters.

The revised rules also mean that video-on-demand platforms will have to devote 30% of their catalogue to European productions, while member states will have the power to enforce local content creation obligations on them.

“We have now made European media regulation fit for the digital era by applyingsimilar rules to similar services, whether online or offline. We have finally negotiated a level of protection for internet media services similar to that in place for traditional broadcast media,” said Verheyen.

The revised directive will also determine advertising limits during peak viewing hours and rules to protect children from harmful advertising content, with rules being applied to video sharing platforms for the first time.

“I am happy to say that we have been successful in negotiating that a similar level of protection now also applies to internet media services, as it does to the classical broadcast media services. The transparency rules for advertising, especially on product placement and sponsorship, will now also apply to video-sharing platforms. This is a great achievement for the protection of consumers, especially children and minors. It was our main goal to protect our consumers against excessive advertising,” said Verheyen.

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