EPP: New rules for the digital era and the European film sector

11.07.2018, European Interest. Members of the European Parliament’s Culture and Education Committee have endorsed a political agreement reached on the reform of the EU legislation on Audiovisual Media Services.

A vote in plenary to endorse the new rules is likely to take place in September or October 2018.

European Parliament negotiators and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council agreed on an updated EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive, based on the proposal presented by the European Commission on 25 May 2016, on 6 June 2018.

“We have now made European media regulation fit for the digital era by applying similar rules to similar services, whether online or offline. We have finally negotiated a level of protection for internet media services similar to that in place for traditional broadcast media”, declared Sabine Verheyen MEP, the European Parliament’s lead negotiator on the reform of the legislation.

With this result, after negotiation with the Member States, we have established a fair, level playing field by adapting some important rules to internet media services which were formerly only applicable to traditional television.

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