What future for the European audiovisual industry? The EFM presents a dedicated discussion about the challenges facing the sector


The online panel “Perspectives for the Future of the Audiovisual Industry in Europe” was held during the European Film Market on 2 March. Last year, the Berlinale was the last great physical event held before the outbreak really began to reach Europe, and nobody could have imagined the disruption that the health crisis would cause at all levels.

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Europa, Facebook, Google und die Medien

25.02.2021, Eßlinger Zeitung

"Die australische Debatte ist interessant, vor allem mit Blick auf das Streitschlichtungsmodell", erklärte Schipanski. Es sei zu überlegen, ob ein solches Modell auch für Europa eine Option sein könne. Auch die Vorsitzende im Kulturausschuss des EU-Parlaments, Sabine Verheyen, betonte in einem dpa-Gespräch, dass man die Debatte in Australien - auch mit Blick auf mögliche Schlüsse für Europa - weiter beobachten wolle.

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No Longer Able to Easily Work in Europe, UK Artists Are Urging Boris Johnson to Renegotiate Brexit Terms to Allow for Visa-Free Travel

18.02.2021, artnet news

The EU has also expressed disappointment that the new arrangement will make cultural exchange more difficult. “We are concerned that the provisions governing the entry and temporary stay of natural persons for business purposes are ill-suited to the cultural and creative sector and will result in onerous visa requirements for touring artists and cultural professionals,” Sabine Verheyen, a member of European Parliament and head of the EU’s committee for culture and education, told Artnet News in an email.

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