Studiengang Master of Public Administration in European Studies an der Academy der RWTH Aachen

Energy, Climate and Digital Transformation – Global Topics and Smart Technologies shaping Europe

Understanding European policy and its economical and societal impact on global topics

European Union policy strongly influences a wide range of topics. This interdisciplinary Master’s programme focuses on energy, transport, climate and digitisation from a political as well as technological point of view. It combines the excellence of RWTH Aachen University in engineering and technology with the current political and economic agenda of the EU to provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of new technologies on EU governance and vice versa. The result is a highly attractive programme: the Master of Public Administration in European Studies. Study it part-time and qualify for leadership positions in the private or public sector.

Learn about the EU, its policies and institutions and specialise in cutting-edge technologies in the fields of
energy & climate or digital transformation.

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